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PHP OCI8 install solaris 11.2

pans_soulJul 17 2015 — edited Aug 12 2015

I am a solaris sysadmin trying to assist a developer in getting PHP to connect to an existing Oracle 12c database. Initial research indicated I should start by installing OIC (oracle instant client?) which I did using the IPS solaris studio repository and solaris studio 12.3. This installed a directory in /opt/solarisstudio12.3/OIC but I dont necessarily see any library files in there. The next instruction seems to indicate I should configure PHP to include/install the oci8 extension but the configure command seems to be pretty outdated (./configure --with-oci8=shared,instantclient,/path/to/instant/client/lib) or I'm unable to find the path to the library files. There is a php-config command in the native version of php installed on solaris 11.2 so maybe that should be used but I'm not sure. The developer is using the following command as a measure of success:

# php -r "var_dump(function_exists('oci_connect'));"


Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Added on Jul 17 2015