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PHP in unstable netwoks

user618077Jun 2 2015 — edited Jun 3 2015

Hi every body:

(Sorry for my english)

I would like  to know , what we have to consider at the development of a PHP application to use in a VHF or HF radio network (Wireless network). These networks  are slow (over 6 kbits/second) and unstable  (many disconnexions).

So this PHP application will permit to user the  consultation of remote databases.

So we have :

1- Database in datacenter,

2- Apache server in datacenter

3- PHP application runs onto Apache server.

The senario is:

1-Users have lapotops with antennas connected to VHF or HF radio network (wireless).

2-They write the URL of php application so the application appears.

3- They make a request via a form in php application to make a search in the database.

4-Just after the request is sended, Users are moving and the network is lost! ( disconnexions are happened.)

5- After few minutes the connexion is established .

How can users have AUTOMATICALLY  the results of there passed request?

Is there any mecanisme to remember users request at the server side (some proxy mecanisme or others)?

how to detect that the a user is reconnected to send him the result of his request (automatically)?!!!

thank you at advance.

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Added on Jun 2 2015