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PHP 7.2-Oracle connection

user9141128Jan 15 2020 — edited Feb 7 2020


having trouble to get PHP 7.2 connected to oracle, I followed the instructions shown in:

I think I downloaded exactly the versions of xampp and oracle-instantclient that are used there.

Still, i don't have the oci-parts shown in phpinfo.

Both php and instantclient are 32 bit (windows itself is 64 bit, but I understand that this is no problem?).

I read that the VC-version is important, must match between php and the instantclient? Is that correct?

PHP is vc15, instant-client is vc14. Could this be the cause for the problem?

unfortunately, I can't find PHP with vc14, and I can't find an instant-client with vc15.

Can anyone help?

This post has been answered by user9141128 on Feb 7 2020
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Added on Jan 15 2020