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Phishing email from Tom Goulding?

GahanJan 25 2024


We received an e-mail from a Tom Goulding from Oracle, with url's pointing to The url's are odd and owned by AWS (looked it up with a whois query). Is Tom Goulding real and is this message real, or is it phishing? Some text from the email:

Subject: OCI Service Limits

It is important for all OCI Cloud Administrators, such as yourself, to understand how Service Limits affect your use of the tenancy. The service limit is the quota or allowance set on a resource. For example, a tenancy is allotted a maximum number of compute instances per availability domain.

Specific limits could have been set for you at the time of your OCI purchase. If you didn't establish limits when you first signed up, or, if you signed up through the Oracle Store, default or trial limits are set for your tenancy.

Discover how to change Service Limits using the link below:
OCI – Service Limits

Have a great day,

Tom Goulding
Cloud Adoption Assistant

Actually wanted to see where I can report this at Oracle to have it checked out, but could not find such a thing, that's why I'm posting this here.

Hope someone from official Oracle can look into this, and tell if this is legit or phishing?


Gahan Zwart @Ordina Netherlands

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Added on Jan 25 2024