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Performance Issues invoking Integration/services

We are running an oracle soa implementation including BPM flows. We also have a custom UI based on Oracle ADF displaying queues and whatnot. We use:
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Oracle SOA Suite 11g

The problem we see is that there is always an offset in the time of execution of services like
http client request: POST
There are other services from integration showing the same behaviour but the one above is the most affected.
What I mean by offset is that basically while tracking down performance, I can see that the execution of above service is reported under 50ms, however, the total time from that step to the next one is actually above 1.5 seconds.
I wonder how can I troubleshoot the performance in this case?
According to the performance log I could pinpoint the request to:
Message<.> WFPERF: UserMetadataService.getUserPreferences - 175 ms[09:43:00:211-09:43:00:386] - 6f030008-2d11-4e6c-b995-5a2b04f85c74 -
Supplemental Detail175 ms(100%) [09:43:00:211-09:43:00:386] - UserMetadataService.getUserPreferences
169 ms(96%) [09:43:00:211-09:43:00:380] - VerificationService.validateContext
1 ms(0%) [09:43:00:212-09:43:00:211] - (Interval)
168 ms(99%) [09:43:00:212-09:43:00:380] - VerificationService.getContext(String)
168 ms(100%) [09:43:00:212-09:43:00:380] - VerificationService.validateContextToken
16 ms(9%) [09:43:00:212-09:43:00:228] - VerificationService.createContextFromToken
5 ms(2%) [09:43:00:233-09:43:00:228] - (Interval)
76 ms(45%) [09:43:00:233-09:43:00:309] - VerificationService.getGroupNamesList(BPMIdentity)
33 ms(19%) [09:43:00:309-09:43:00:342] - VerificationService.getAppRoleNamesMap(BPMUser)
It seems we've got the same symptoms described here: Slow Performance From IdentityService And TaskQueryService (Doc ID 2272820.1)
But I am not able to apply the workaround because it is not meant to be done in 11g.
Any ideas?

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Added on Sep 28 2021