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PBCS - Options to push data from BSO to ASO for Normal User / Planner

VMAug 30 2019 — edited Sep 12 2019

Hi All,

We have PBCS plus and have groovy enabled. Also, to move data from BSO to ASO there are following known options:

1. DataMap via exchange data - for admin

2. Smart push - via form (on save) - for normal user / planner (and other roles)

3. Smart Push - via groovy  - for normal user / planner (and other roles)

4. Data Management (also using Rest API) - not yet explored but have read posts online using REST API

5. EPM AUtomate

    a. executing Job of export from BSO and import for ASO

    b. Call DataMap (admin)

6. Schedule DataMap periodically (every half an hour / hourly / etc) - NOT Preferred BUT LAST OPTION

We have a scenario where a normal user / planner performs following tasks:

1. updates certain driver(s) by Scenario, Version, etc - BSO

2. processes the data at higher level of entity - BSO

3. Once the calculation is performed expects data in ASO

We are using a ruleset on save of a form to perfom the calculation and then call datapush via groovy.

The problem is the limitation on Smart Push of 500K cells and 100 MB as you may all know.

When user executed for one entity it work fine and smart push (executed by groovy) completes successfully however when a user selects upper level entity member it fails.

Obviously, we have other filters like scenario, Version, etc coming from RTP.

What have been tried:

1. We have split the smart push (via groovy) into multiple years (especially for forecast), currencies and other dimension members but still it fails.

2. We cant use DataMap via groovy as it can only be executed by an admin

Has anyone faced such issue and what alternative have been used? Or please suggest based on your experience what could help to achieve this.

Also, what issues / challenges have been faced if large number of  users are saving data at same time and that number of smartpush is initiated.

Will really appreciate your views / ideas / experience.