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PBCS - Load Attributes possible in FDMEE?

elwayisgodDec 4 2018 — edited Dec 6 2018


Doing a file based load.  Fields 2, 3 and 5 are attributes of the 'Product' field number 4.  Here's snippet of my source file:


First is there a way to assign attributes in my data load?

Can I do it all in one load?'

If those are YES, which I think they are but not 100% sure then I do the following:

I define my Import Format as follows.  I added the three rows as 'attributes'.  Not sure this was correct or not as the articles and docs I'm reading are a bit confusing.


I have my Target application setup as follows.  Again not sure I did this correctly.  I manually added the three attributes here as LOOKUP and then a 'UD' value.


I think it needs to be 'All data types with security' here too from what I'm reading?


So when I run my Import, I'm getting nothing in the columns.


Any guidance on where I'm going wrong is appreciated.  I want to be able to populate the attributes in FDMEE using same source file.