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PBCS - Forms - End User Experience - Simplified Interface

user11440683Feb 8 2018


when I have developed forms I have tended to use the java based process to test.

Users prefer simplified interface and will unfortunately have no alternative in PBCS in the near future...

I am looking for input or factors that are hugely annoying for end users who heavily use the forms on a daily basis.

Can anyone provide any useful end user tips, workarounds or form change recommendations for any of the following; -

1. On the longer dimension lists users cannot just type the member values in forms page selectors without invoking search functionality - where the members are outside of the default 'cache' members and in ....more...  is there a way to just freetext here when you actually know the values?

2. Sometimes with the same member selectors the user is changing another value and the first selection they have made reverts back - this is in Internet Explorer 11 - the clients browser of choice

3. On the same member selectors values seem to default in, is this just IE cache as it does not seem to be related to last value input?

Any other tips for making the simplified interface web forms more ergonomic to use for the end user appreciated and rewarded.

thanks in anticipation of your input,


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