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Patient Authorization Workflow: displaying app's logo and "Validated" label

Beltran FigueroaJun 9 2023 — edited Jun 9 2023

We are considering obtaining an OV or EV SSL certificate to improve our user's experience during the patient authorization workflow as stated in Cerner's documentation here:

  • One of the things we would like to achieve, which isn't mentioned in Cerner's documentation, is to display our app's logo (not just the name) on the authorization page. Is this something that can be achieved with an OV/EV certificate?
  • I'm also unclear about what are the benefits of joining Cerner's Code Program with regard to the patient authorization workflow. The documentation I linked to says the app would be labeled as “Validated”, but what does that actually mean? Somewhere else, I think I read that the Code Program is just a way to get around the OV/EV certificate (nothing more). Is that so?
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Added on Jun 9 2023
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