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Patient App mysterious error, possible bot behavior

Beltran FigueroaApr 8 2024 — edited Apr 8 2024

Workflow or API calls:

I don't know which API call is triggering this error, but it looks like a patient authorization error (specifically: grant:persona-unavailable).

I found the error looking through our APM and it's not the first time it pops up. However, I can't see any user/patient on our application trying to connect with this particular Tenant ID. Moreover, the Tenant-ID in the error it is not one that we include in our list of tenants that users can connect to.

Lastly, the Client-ID on the error log is the one from our dev app, but this error is being logged on our prod app.

It's all very strange. Any help debugging this is would be much appreciated.

Expected Result:

Actual Result:

Cerner-Correlation-Id : dd237d91-61c5-4e3f-89f2-cfad58166655

This post has been answered by Stefan Ioachim-Oracle on Apr 18 2024
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Added on Apr 8 2024