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Password Reset - Cannot access Free Tier account

Tobias NedbalJan 16 2024


I have a free tier account on Oracle for some time, I have a web server running here. After some time, I wanted to log into Oracle cloud panel. When I guessed the password, it needed a code from Oracle authenticator. I do not longer have access to it, so I wanted to just reset the password. The reset password email just would not appear in my email inbox. So I reached Oracle cloud support by chat, twice. First time, the staff just told me to call the call center, so I did. The call center told me to reach Chat support (as I just did). So I opened the chat support once again. The staff told me to write here, that the staff has perms here to help me. So I am asking here for help with regaining access to my account. I ahve access to the mail address and phone number. Thank you

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Added on Jan 16 2024