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Passivation error on node 1 ! REPLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

3923Jan 7 2002
We are using JSP Applications with BC4J deployed to OC4J.
We are using customized application pooling without spillover or

When accessing the application with more than one user we get a
passivation error on every application.

We created the bc4J_cleanup package for every user so the
pcst_TXN table is emptied automatically.

We aren't using spillover or failover and still he's generating
the pcoll_control tables?

We are using stateful applicationmodules and connectionpooling.

The application is running in production now and the client
isn't is very disappointed and we don't have any support

Alle the forums where this problem is/was posted aren't answered
and Oracle can't help???
Who has written JDeveloper? Why are there still unresolved bugs
even in JDeveloper 9i? When is this product going to be a little

Nathalie Roman
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