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Passing prompt on unnecessary column

KSSMay 30 2013 — edited Jun 5 2013
Hi ,

I have two table A and B. Joined on A.ClaimID=B.ClaimID in physical layer.

BMM: I have three tables, A_Dim and B_Dim and B_Fact .

in my report I am using columns from both tables. and I have filter on B.ClaimID....If user selects any claimID it is generating query like:

A.ClaimID=123 -----Why it is passing this filter to backend. In my report I just have B.ClaimID is prompted.
and B.CaimID=123

I agree passing ClaimID to both tables doesnt lead to any wrong results. But in my case seeing some performance issues, so can some help to find out why BI server is generating query like ?