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Passing item value to new popup page

TomekJan 20 2021

Running Apex 20.2
I have simple IG report on the page
image.pngI use javascript to extract the primary key from the column in the IG into the page item:
image.pngThe key is retrieved as expected as I verify by displaying it on the page (testing only).
I have the "Edit" button which opens the popup window passing the key value to the new page. However, it looks like the value of the page item is not exposed in the session. I tried to solve it by creating dummy plsql logic to just submit the item in question. It did not help.
I wonder if anyone has an idea of how to make this item available in session so I can use it in my "edit" navigation.

This post has been answered by InoL on Jan 21 2021
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Added on Jan 20 2021