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Passing dashboard prompt values to rpd

928846Sep 19 2012 — edited Sep 19 2012

I have a subquery in my rpd which requires date values in the filter. The value in the filter should be the date chosen from the dashboard prompt. I have the dashboard prompt values in a presentation variable. Is there a way to pass this value to rpd ?

I tried creating a session variable with 'enable users to change' option enabled and initialized it to a default value. But I cannot give this variable (VALUEOF(NQ_SESSION.myvariable)) in my physical SQL statement as it throws an error saying that "the session variable has no definition". I am using BI 10g. Can any one of you give me a step by step process to achieve this ?

Also another issue what I have is that , I am not able to access the OU_ORG session variable in RPD while I am able to do access it from Answers. Please help.

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Added on Sep 19 2012
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