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Pass CLOB from Perl to PL/SQL function

2810868Feb 2 2020 — edited Feb 4 2020

Hi gurus.

Kindly ask you advice on the following problem.

I'm developing function that processes input string. Client that calls function -- Perl client. Client sends a string up to 2 MB in size. Because of this CLOB is used for input variable in PL/SQL function:

create function aaa (Str in clob) return ...

The issue we faced is that nothing is actually passed from Perl to Oracle. Tracing of the data exchange shown that empty parameter is transferred to function.

On the same time we are able to insert that CLOB value from Perl into the table without any problems.

We investigated this but unfortunately found nothing relevant on this.

I will greatly appreciate help or advice on this issue.

Thank you in advance.

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Added on Feb 2 2020