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Parent Discreet Job Which Autogenerating Child Discreet Jobs (Subassemblies)

Daniel PetersonJan 15 2024 — edited Jan 15 2024

The solution of Phantoms for subassemblies is causing more problems with inventory control, scrapping out material, and finance (true cost) of finished product.

I have an idea to solve this dilemma:

Have a parent or master discreet job (WO) which autogenerates all subassemblies into child or slave discreet jobs.


Complete parent or master discreet job (WO) has 20 subassemblies, so:

Need a qty of 100 competed pumps = 20 subassemblies of 100 pcs each.

We need to eliminate the use of Phantom Items by having all subassemblies, that are produced on the same line as pump, autogenerated into child WO’s and backflushed in sequence from upper level to parent WO. This will in turn:

  1. Help with physical inventory by make them inventoriable items.
  2. Help with unseen WIP or lost inventory.
  3. Help with having better inventory control.
  4. Help with finance to have burden cost for each process, therefore have true cost to base prices to customers.

There may be an add-on we could have installed.

Please advise if anyone at Oracle can assist.

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Added on Jan 15 2024