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Page level Inline CSS not rendering on resulting page.

user10183827Jul 15 2021

Hi Folks,
I was trying to follow the Example from this video. The idea is to highlight a row in a classic report by editing a copy of the template for the page and using inline CSS.
I was able to edit a copy of the template and I get the highlight tag in the rendered page. Like so
<td class="t-Report-cell" highlight="" headers="MS_PRODUCT_IN_USE">Access </td>
But the CSS I put in the inline CSS of the page does not appear in the CSS pane of the styles shown in inspector.
This is the inline CSS I have changed syntax several times but to no rendering.
style{.td.highlight { background-color: #faffbd ; }}
also tried
.td.highlight { background-color: #faffbd ; }
This is the rendered CSS.
.t-Report--altRowsDefault .t-Report-report tr:nth-child(odd) .t-Report-cell {
background-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.05);

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Added on Jul 15 2021