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OVM Server Pool cannot see its Repository

Alfred_AnnanMar 30 2019 — edited Apr 1 2019

Hello Guys,

Our OVM system comprises an OVM Manager running on a separate server, two (2) twin HP machines as OVM Servers namely ovmsrv01 and ovmsrv02 and a FreeNAS storage of 37TB. The storage is seen by the OVM as a LUN of 25TB called FreeNAS (1) and 15TB for NFS volume also called nsfstore pointing to two shares.

Everything was working smoothly, until a week ago when the SATADOM on the FreeNAS Storage failed. We got a replacement SATADOM drive and were able to boot up the storage and get it working again.

However, the OVM platform could not recognise the FreeNAS (1) LUN and after re-discovery it created a new LUN LINK called FreeNAS (2). From that point on nothing has worked right any more.

As the repository reported missing, then it appeared after a few restart and re-discovery and then the NFS drive could not be recognized then after a discovery and restart it appeared.

Currently, the cluster is DOWN for the previous Server Pool called ovmsrvpool01 and recognizing that the repository was intact I created a new server Pool srvpool01 and move the two servers into the new pool. This worked, but now I cannot present the Repository to this new Pool since when in trying to release Ownership from the old pool it fails with error:

OVMAPI_7262E Unable to find an owned and running server to perform release Ownership operation on ovmrepo01. Reasons: [Sat Mar 30 17:17:34 GMT 2019]

Any Ideas and pointers as to how to resolve this and any tools I can use to discover what is even wrong with the initial LUN name change and how to correct it will be welcomed.



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Added on Mar 30 2019
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