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OVM 3.4 and Cloudcontrol 13c

User_A583CMay 12 2016 — edited Nov 11 2016


i recently upgraded our OVM Environment to OVM 3.4, also upgraded Cloudcontrol 13c. It works perfectly, but later i realized that the integration of Cloudcontrol and OVM does not work anymore.

I have reenabled tcps in OVM, but as i tried to register the OVM-Manager to Cloudcontrol, i got this error:

Message=Metric evaluation error start - oracle.sysman.emSDK.agent.fetchlet.exception.FetchletException: Error in getResponse: oracle.sysman.vt.ovm.integration.api.EMOVMCommunicationServiceException: 1010: Error while performing the operation: Connection to the remote OVM Manager URL tcps:// failed. Ensure that the OVM Manager version is 3.0.2 or greater and the service URL and the credentials are correct.Check exception cause and logs for more details.[ Internal Error: Connection refused ]

It looks like some version checking in that plugin.

Oracle-Support will not help me, they said that it is not supported and they wont let me know about the development. I just want to know whether i need to wait for an update for 1 month, half a year or longer.

Downgrading our environment is not an option!

Anyone able to help or have more informations?


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