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OVM 3.4.6 Rebooting continuously

karthiksingh_dbaNov 16 2021

Hi Experts,
For testing we have upgraded our OVM 3.3.2 Manager and OVS to OVM 3.4.6.
OVM Manager upgraded successfully.
OVS upgrade using OVM repo file the job went fine and shown success.
But when I saw the OVS console the server keeps rebooting after the Kernel 4.1.12-124.48.6.el6
Note: But still I could login only with Kernel 3.8.13-118.15.1.el6 and server version showing 3.4.6
ovs_kernels.jpgovs_error.jpgIn the OVM manager the status of the servers
ovm_stats.jpgI have been trying out the below mentioned documents and nothing worked out.
How to Configure 'kdump' for Oracle VM 3.4.x (Doc ID 2142488.1)
Oracle VM server stuck in a reboot loop (Doc ID 1951573.1)
Diagnostic Tools to Collect Data for Troubleshooting Oracle Linux and OVM Issues (Doc ID 2207345.1)
Enable Serial Console on Oracle VM 3.4.x Server (Doc ID 2202429.1)
VMPinfo3 Diagnostic Tool For Oracle VM 3.2, 3.3 and 3.4 Troubleshooting (Doc ID 1521931.1)
Oracle VM Servers Crashed And Not Starting After Crash (Doc ID 2652387.1)
Thanks in advance and much appreciated help!

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Added on Nov 16 2021
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