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OVD 11gR1 Authenticator using DB Adapter doesnot parse password

Sudipto DesmukhApr 3 2014 — edited May 2 2014

Hi All ,

I was trying to use an OVD Authenticator as the authentication mechanism for a security enabled ADF Application.

The OVD Authenticator is setup to read users/password(stored as Varchar in a DB table) from the User DN corresponding to a DB Adapter configured in OVD.

I have followed the steps to setup the Authentication provider (ordering , JAAS flag’s etc.) in the weblogic admin console.

The issue is though the users show up fine in Users & Groups tab of the WLS , but I get a ‘Invalid Username / Password ’ error when trying to login to the ADF Application.

On doing some research I found out from the document that –

If you use the Database Adapter to manage client binds, for example, to validate passwords stored in a field in a database table, you must store the password in a CHAR/VARCHAR field in the database and you must deploy the Map DB Password mapping to the Database Adapter.

I did this in OVD by deploying the Map_DB_Password template but this too did not help.

I face the same issue trying to connect using one of the userId/password for the seeded users in DB from JExplorer.

Has anyone faced this issue or can give any pointers to this please ?


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Added on Apr 3 2014