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OTBI RPD Changes

Dinesh TAug 26 2022 — edited Aug 27 2022

My scenario:
I've worked extensively with OBIEE, and I'm familiar with setting up the RPD in OBIEE. My company now requires me to setup OTBI.

My question:
Is OTBI RPD based or non-RPD based?

Below is my journey to finding the answer:
From the above link, it's clear that the OTBI in cloud is RPD-based and the customer cannot modify the metadata as it's handled by Oracle itself.

The word 'cloud' in the above post got me researching if an On-premise version of OTBI is available, and if RPD is manageable by the customer. And I found the below resource:
But this post was written in 2014. So I was wondering if things changed by now, and continued my search to find the answer.

My subsequent searches brought me to the below Oracle blog post:
This post conveys that OTBI is available with certain Oracle Cloud Applications (which means there's only a cloud version).

My Conclusion (Please validate)
Based on all the resources I referred to, my understanding is OTBI is available only with certain Oracle Cloud applications (and there's no On-premise version), and it's RPD-based. However, the RPD is managed by Oracle and the customers cannot modify the metadata.
Please let me know if my understanding is correct. If not, please correct me.

ps: Sorry for the lengthy post, as I didn't want to ask a blunt question without sharing my efforts to find the answer.

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Added on Aug 26 2022
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