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OSB Console 12c ( showing projects incorrectly

Tim van DooremalenFeb 10 2020 — edited Feb 10 2020

We recently installed a new SOA Suite and are currently moving the servicebus projects there from our old server ( But after the first project we noticed some strange behaviour in the way the projects are shown in the OSB Console.

On the old server it was shown like this (as I'd expect):

old osb server.png

Note the "HRService" project which only shows 6 folders which contain the specific parts of the process (pipelines, proxy's, xquery files etc).

But on the new server the exact same project (deployed directly from JDeveloper

new osb server.png

Notice how the root of the "HRService" project now also shows ALL the files that are actually in the folders! When I open a folder it will show only the relevant files from within that folder, but if it has subfolders with files they will also be shown!

After some testing it seems the files are only shown in the root folder, but they are not actually stored there. The process also runs as expected.

Has anybody seen this behaviour and or has any suggestions on how to fix this?

This post has been answered by user8729864 on Apr 23 2021
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Added on Feb 10 2020