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OSB Assign action failed, messageID: undefined dynamic context value

User_2JE0MJul 16 2022

Hello team,


  1. Oracle Webloic Server (WLS)
  2. Oracle Service Bus (OSB)
  3. Java jdk1.8.0_291
  4. Four Managed Servers in a cluster

Some OSB's pipelines are processed messages from a common JMS Topic getting value from the "$messageID" using OSB Assign action:
Variable: VarId
<mid>{ $messageID }</mid>

These pipelines worked great until WLS/OSB was updated from to version. And since that time, these pipelines are broken randomly for only one of Managed Servers with an error that you can find in attachment file.
messageID.log (27.65 KB)More often this issue occurs after the Managed Servers (one or more independently) are restarted. There is existed one workaround which is to redeploy a pipeline without changes.
Could you please tell what should I check to find a root cause for that issue?

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Added on Jul 16 2022
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