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ORDS 3.0 / Multiple Domains / Tomcat SSL

brian.mcginityMay 16 2015 — edited May 25 2015

I am working on bringing over an apache mod_plsql app to ORDS and have a couple of questions:

1. I have a need to run multiple domains and currently do this with multiple ip addresses:  https:/ on the first ip and on the 2nd ip address. Under apache/mod_plsql I used 2 ip addresses and virtual hosts as SNI was unavailable at the time.  Each domain accesses different DADs.

As I am moving to ORDS 3.0 / Tomcat, what is the recommended way to do this?

2. There are a lot of static resources such as images and javascript files which are served with a max-age=1 year.  This keeps the browsers from making unnecessary roundtrips (even eTag lookups) and helps page load times.

What is the best method (or a pretty good method) to do this?  Is there a way in ORDS/Tomcat to specify the max-age a directory and subdirectorates?   Or is it recommended to run Apache in front of Tomcat and let Apache handle SSL offloading and treat Tomcat/ORDS as proxy?

This post has been answered by Colm Divilly-Oracle on May 18 2015
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Added on May 16 2015