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Orchestration Looping

User_ZTQIRJun 3 2020 — edited Jun 3 2020


I recently started learning orchestration and realized some limitations. One of these limitations is the absent of a loop mechanism for some repetitive processes flow in a orchestration.

I have an orchestration like this:

I need to run a series of reports in a sequence.

1 -> 2 -> 3 -> 4 -> 5

After each report process, I need to check whether the report have error.

If error exists, I need to stop the whole process without continuing the next report.

Orchestration A

Start -> Orch B -> "Repetitive Process" -> End

In "repetitive process", I added logic of check whether each report contain errors or not.

Orchestration B

Start -> Run a report based of orchestration input flag -> End

Have N number of reports need to go through in sequence. Act like a switch case based on flag on the orchestration input.


1. I will use an increment custom request to increase the flag value, but I'm not sure how to pass the output value back again to the new loop's input value.

2. Do I need to create a new Orchestration C (Start -> Orchestration A (Iterate Over) -> End) to run through the report in sequence?).

    If yes, I don't know how to stop Orchestration A "Iterate Over" if a certain condition if met.

3. Plus, Is it possible for me to stop an orchestration midway at any part of the orchestration?

I tried to search online for some guide on this, but not much. Even Oracle Orchestrator Guide in PDF doesn't help much for these types of questions.

Thanks in advance.

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Added on Jun 3 2020
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