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OraOLEDB is still crazy

Wataru TanabeOct 28 2015 — edited Jun 10 2020

If there is no way to reply to archived discussions,

they don't seem to know that they tend to waste much time more than 120 days to solve the problems of their products.

(The reason why they archive discussions might be because they might know that the problems would be never solved.)


> In THIS APRIL(after March, 2015), we built the LATEST(*) client environment.

> As a result, we found new behavior of OraOLEDB...

In the end of THIS SEPTEMBER, we build LATEST(*) client environment.

*)You should ask Oracle Support how to update client to latest revision.

As a result, we found new behavior of OraOLEDB...

---- our result ----

Name|Replace(Value," ","B")|DefinedSize|Type




They seem to stop appending crazy blanks at last.

The value "202" of "Type" means "adVarWChar".

The number of characters of the value of CHAR(4 BYTE) is "less than or equal to" 4(VARIABLE-characters)

even though the number of bytes of the value is "just equal to" 4(FIXED-bytes)

when the encoding is JA16SJISTILDE(VARIABLE-width 2 byte character set).

Had they recovered their senses?

Not yet.

Why do they still believe that DefinedSize of "EQ" must be "2"?

Why do they cause inconsistencies to cause inconsistencies?

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Added on Oct 28 2015