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Oracle ZFS Storage is available on OCI Marketplace!! Try it free today!

It's an exciting time for Oracle ZFS Storage!
The integration between the Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance and the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) has been continually evolving for years. From backing up ZFS snapshots to OCI object storage to the introduction of the free ZFS Storage image in OCI Marketplace, the interoperability between on-premises ZFS and cloud-based OCI storage has been relied on by customers around the globe.
Now we have the release of the Oracle ZFS Storage - High Availability virtual appliance in OCI Marketplace, a significant step forward in bringing traditional on-premises workloads to the cloud.
ZFS Storage in OCI has been popular for its support of NFS and SMB workloads, its analytic reporting, Active Directory and LDAP authentication, its OCI-compatible object store, and its snapshot and replication capabilities. Enterprises looking to migrate applications to the cloud that rely on SMB or NFS mountpoints for data integration or looking to provide cloud-based shared mountpoints to their organization will find Oracle ZFS Storage in OCI the best way to achieve that goal.
The new Oracle ZFS Storage - High Availability image provides all of those things as well as the ability to create pairs of OCI Compute instances as active/active or active/passive virtual ZFS Storage Appliance controllers. When configured across OCI Fault Domains, an enterprise's storage accessibility can be maintained with a higher degree of reliability than ever before.
For those without the need for high availability, the free Oracle ZFS Storage image also remains available in OCI Marketplace. Using this free image is a great first step for many starting their ZFS integration with OCI.
Supported OCI shapes, recommended use cases and configuration information are described in the user documentation included with the image.
Find out more and get started with Oracle ZFS Storage - High Availability here.

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Added on Sep 22 2022