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Oracle Database Express Edition (XE)


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Oracle XE 21c - Installation Error {IDS_OracleConfigDlg_DatabaseConfigFailedMsg} ORA-12560

chillychinFeb 23 2022

Hi folks
I am on Windows 10 and trying to install Oracle XE 21c
I downloaded the install here:
I went through the installation with all the defaults and no issues up until this step
Image 004.jpgI got hit with the following error
{IDS_OracleConfigDlg_DatabaseConfigFailedMsg} An error occured while configuring Oracle XE database. Check the logs at C:\app\user\product\21c\cfgtoollogs\dbca and try again
I clicked on "Retry" but got hit with the same error. Then I went to "Abort" and the installation appeared to complete.
I did a quick tnsping and see the following
Image 12.jpgI thought great - Ok maybe its just an error but things are up and running.
When I try to connect via the newly installed SQL Plus I hit the following error
Image 006.jpgWeird ok, I then try to connect via SQL developer and see the following error
Image 13.jpgStatus : Failure -Test failed: Listener refused the connection with the following error:
ORA-12505, TNS:listener does not currently know of SID given in connect descriptor
Alright well this sucks, I went to the previously suggested logs when I initially hit the error here:
And I then see the following 4 log files
Image 14.jpgThe contents of the log file are pretty big so I wont post it here
But does anyone know what could be wrong? I was really hoping to install Oracle XE to re-immerse myself in the Oracle database ecosystem for an upcoming project.
Any advice much appreciated

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Added on Feb 23 2022