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Oracle Webcenter Portal doesn't help while Two Task Flows Portlet Are Communicating Via Contextual E

user12285468Sep 18 2015 — edited Sep 28 2015

Hi everyone,

I would wonder if anyone can help of this issue below.

Mainly, i'm working on Oracle Webcenter Portal and i have developed two bounded Task flows; samples one for Customers and second one is for Orders. I have examined both of them using an unbounded task and they're working effectively as following:

- Entry view of unbounded Task has been shown and the user is able to select row from CustomersTable (Customers Bounded Task Flow)

- Selection of row of customers would propagate an selection event with a payload.

- Orders Task flow is registered to handle the event propagated.

- The query of Orders Task flow will have been updated then.

But when i took the application into Oracle webcenter Portal i had the following result:

- If i deployed the entry (Unbounded Task Flow) as a Portlet and used it, Customers and Orders would be working effectively.

- If i deployed both of Customers and Orders as separate Portlets, an exception has been happened when Orders Portlet try to handle the event.

The exception is thrown from CorePortletComponentBhaviour and it says:

<CorePortletComponentBehaviour> <handlePartialAdfmEvent> Exception occurred when de-serializing Contextual Event payload.

I had investigated the application several time in order to know exactly which is the main issue that is caused this exception but unfortunately that wouldn't lead me for any good result.

Let me know if you can help.

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