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Oracle VSSWriter - VSS-00048: failed to put the datafile into backup mode

user491987Sep 4 2019 — edited Oct 4 2019


I'm using Oracle 18XE for Windows and trying to backup in Azure.

Unfortunately I get the following error message in the Windows Event Log:

Level: Error

Source: Oracle.VSSWriter.XE

Event ID: 48


VSS-00048: failed to put the datafile into backup mode 

Cause : OCI call failed. 

Action : Check the accompanying error message. 

Additional info :

Oracle Database 18c Express Edition Release - Production

Oracle VSS writer version Beta

Error at line : 4090

Failure on Freeze event


In the Details from Event Viewer I see:

ORA-01146: cannot start online backup - file 7 is already in backup.ORA-01110: data file 7: 'C:\ORACLEXE\PRODUCT\18.0.0\ORADATA\XE\USERS01.DBF'.

An execution of "backup database plus archivelog;" with RMAN is possible without errors.

But I want to create a backup via Windows Azure Backup.

Thank you very much

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Added on Sep 4 2019