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oracle VM server

User_414UDOct 21 2021

hi everybody
i hope you are all fine.
I want to understand the relation between processor on my virtual machines on ovm server and the physical processors.
i have 2 socket with 4 cores per socket and 1 threads per core. on my ovm manager when i want to create a virtual machine i see that i can increase the number of processor to 128 because i use hvm virtual machine.
if the number of vcpu on my virtual machine is (socket * number of core per socket * thread per socket). what is the meaning of the 128 processors when i want to create a virtual machines ?
What is the impact if i use all the 128 processors on a virtual machines ?
if i do hard partitionning for exemple i will use cpu 0-3 in my case and on the virtual machine i use all the 128 processors what is the meaning.

i really dont understand this part.
please i want your help.
thank you

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