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Oracle VM Manager Crash/Restore Did Not Work

2720616Feb 25 2018 — edited Feb 25 2018

Hey all,

I've run into a pretty big issue and have been throwing myself at it all day.

We are currently using Oracle VM Manager 3.3.2, and it would seem the database corrupted for OVM Manager.

This had caused all of our VM's to not only become unreachable via ssh as well as keeping most of our applications on the VM's from functioning.

We are able to initially reach the Virtual Machine, but after entering the login ID the Network kicks us out.

Here is a list of what I have done so far:

  • I have uninstalled OVM Manager and ran the with the same UUID from the previous install
  • Discovered one of the Servers from the pool
  • Rediscovered the Storage/Repositories
  • Refreshed the Storage/Repositories
  • Refreshed the Servers and made sure the Networking/Server Pool configurations weren't missing
  • Rebooted the hosts and began to try and bring up a VM for testing

We still seem to be having the issue of not being able to reach the VM's from the outside.  The twist here is that we can ping the VM's to and from other devices. 

I'll admit I have limited experience with Oracle VM Manager, but from what I can tell the configuration is correct.

At least based on most "Getting Started" documentation that I've seen on the subject.  For this specific instance, I followed the link below:

Please advise on where I might be able to go from here.  The only option I see at this point is building a new server and rebuilding OVM Manager from scratch.

Let me know if I need to provide more information.



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