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Oracle Spatial indexes with LAYER_GTYPE on global storage (ASM,...)

LauryDec 18 2021

I am working with Oracle Sptial on 19c RDBMS.
I understand that for beter performaance, it is beter to:
2) Spatial indexes should have a different tablespace than for regular indexes.

  1. Spatial indexes should have a tablespace for a specific layer, for instance point -> its own tablespace, line -> its own tablespace, etc...
    So, consequently we can create a Spatial index tablespace as:
    CREATE INDEX customers_sidx
    ON customers(location)
    In the past we used to have separate tablespaces according to the stored object usage (tables, indexes,...) and to allocate a given tablespace to a specific physical storage, and another one to another type of disk stotage.
    Nowdays, the storage is seen as "global", this mean that we have a physicalstorage for all tablespaces in once.
    So, even if we create tablespace A and tablespace B, they will be located on the same physical storage.
    What about Spatial tablespaces? If I define LAYER_GTYPE for each tablespace and for each layer but these tablespaces are still in the same "global" physical storage, what is then the benefit regading performance to define the tablespaces wirth the LAYER_GTYPE parameer?
    Having in mind that all the tablespaces are then on the same physical storage (ASM,...).
    Thanks by advance for sharing your experience.
    Kind Regards.
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Added on Dec 18 2021