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Oracle Service Cloud. Programmatically Match PhoneNumber and Display 'Contact' Tab

User_9I3TPJun 15 2021

Hi All,
I'm new to Oracle Service Cloud (ver. 20C) (OSC). I've been tasked with integrating OSC with an IVR Call Centre system. I've been searching online for weeks and I'm having difficulty finding info/examples on how to achieve the following:
Have OSC Client listen for broadcast messages over a Web Socket (Node,js server). Message contains a 'username' and a 'phoneNumber'. (I believe this can be achieved by using an OSC 'Add-In', but haven't found any Web Socket examples/docs confirming how to get OSC Client connected to web socket)
Have OSC Client search 'Contacts' for 'phoneNumber' matches. (I can't find if this is done within the 'Add-In' or an OSC 'Script')
Display 'Contact' Personal Details tab in OSC Client, upon 'phoneNumber' match.
Here is a basic diagram of what I'm trying to achieve (red arrows are where I'm confused):
image.pngIs this functionality even possible?
If it is possible, how do I connect the OSC Client to a web socket server?
How do I programmatically search 'Contacts' in OSC Client?
How do I programmatically display 'Contacts' within the OSC Client upon being found_?_

I'm familiar with most code languages (C#, js, Java, etc.), so any ideas/solutions are welcome.

Thanks for your time - it's greatly appreciated.

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Added on Jun 15 2021