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Oracle Secure Backup issues failed one or more errors reported, errors codes 95 and 114

User_NKLH6Oct 20 2022 — edited Nov 3 2022

I am starting to admin OSB in one platform implemented long time ago and I am a bit lost after reading a lot of documentation and read your useful message on the community
Almost all of my backups works fine but I have several with similar error message.
**failed at XXX - one or more errors reported (**Diagnostic data: 0x20008F06/95, dev_delay 0, data_delay -1, fail)
**Completed with warings - one or more warnings or non-critical errors reported (**Diagnostic data: 0x20008F06/114, dev_delay 0, data_delay -1.))
Oracle Secure Backup Release
Client: obtool version (linuxamd64)
Linux version on clients: CentOS Linux release 7.6.1810 (Core) // CentOS Stream 8
Communications are OK
From client:
~]# obtool pinghost osbserver
Oracle Secure Backup
From server:
]# obtool pinghost clientserver
clientserver (address Oracle Secure Backup and NDMP services are available

Even, I uninstall OSB client and reinstall again from scratch, configure again on server and everything seems to be correct, but backup doesn't work.
Please, could you help me with these issues?
Thanks a lot in advance
Adding some new
I've realized that on all servers with error failed at XXX - one or more errors reported on the logs appears:
svc_datawrite: svc_datawrite: ndmpdsvc_run error or op aborted(state 2)
Update from log
Error: NDMP operation failed: data service reported connect error
Error: bytes moved reported by data service and mover differ
Error: data service reported 0x1EB0000; mover reported 0x1EA0000
Backup statistics:
status 95

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Added on Oct 20 2022