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Oracle RMS v16 Customization

Sumit User_7O0WQFeb 15 2024 — edited Feb 15 2024


I am working on Customising Oracle RMS (Retail Management System V16). Attempting a customisation on the application where we are introducing a custom taskflow through a link on the sidemenubar. We have packaged and deployed the Custom taskflow as an ADF shared library into the managed server which runs the RMS application. How does the RMS application reference the custom taskflow is through a Library Registry which is updated with the manifest information of the Custom application. Security role is applied for the custom taskflow to any authenticated user. This is all as per the details mentioned in the attached document.

However, the custom screen link is not showing up in the sidebarmenu. What could be the cause as there is no error..

Also section “Setup the Base Application for Seeded Customizations” (Page 35) in attached document is not clear as what to do after those setting? should the .MAR file be created and deployed?


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Added on Feb 15 2024