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Oracle Reports12c Direct Printing Issue

User_GQ867Apr 23 2021 — edited Apr 29 2021

Hi ,
We are implemented the printing a oracle report directly to a printer (Network Printer).
My Operation Procedure:
From the Oracle12c Forms application i will enter the values in Form and click on Print Button then system will trigger the report(Oracle Report 12c) OS is Red Hat Linux (RHEL 7.7) Edition - Enterprise
And Report will print directly to a Network printer (Single Copy with letter head)
All the Pages will be printing properly but some times very rarely system printing the data in HP Laser Jet printer in Reverse Order of the page(Since it is letter head we can identify this page is waste)
In earlier 11g application we never faced this issue but after migrating from 11g to 12c we are facing this.
Any Help will be highly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance

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Added on Apr 23 2021