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Oracle Reports margin boilerplate text does not appear on top

S.BovinNov 18 2022

How can I force some boilerplate text to always appear on top of other objects ?
I want to print a "DRAFT" watermark on all pages of my report
To achieve this, I go into the margin editor and add boilerplate text in the middle of the page and use Menu --> Layout --> Bring To Front to make sure it print on top of everything else
For now, it works great. The "DRAFT" text appears in the middle of each page
The problem is that it correctly appears on top of most report objects, but it is covered up by images and data fields in a repeating frame.
How can I make the text appear on top of all report objects ?

Windows 10
Oracle Report Builder on Windows 10 / Reports Runtime on Linux

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Added on Nov 18 2022