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Oracle Registry Repository Exchange Utility Publishing Issue

939913Jun 26 2012 — edited Aug 29 2012

Once Oracle Enterprise Repository (OER) is installed, some sample assets are also installed in OER.

I am trying to publish the sample service ''Sample Service - Account Detail (2.0)" from OER to Oracle Service Registry (OSR) but I get this output when exchange utility is run:

*3790 [main] INFO com.bea.integ.uddi.facade.receive.AlerReceive - asset type match count: 1*
*3791 [main] INFO com.bea.integ.uddi.facade.receive.AlerReceive - receive from aler begin*
*3791 [main] INFO com.bea.integ.uddi.facade.receive.AlerReceive - working on asset type: Service Type ID: 154*
*4347 [main] INFO com.bea.integ.uddi.facade.receive.AlerReceive - asset match count: 0*
*4348 [main] INFO com.bea.integ.uddi.facade.receive.AlerReceive - receive from aler done*
*4350 [main] INFO com.bea.integ.uddi.RegistryManagerTool - Published (0) services to the service registry given (0) candidates.*
*4350 [main] WARN com.bea.integ.uddi.RegistryManagerTool - There were errors publishing services to the registry:*
*4351 [main] WARN com.bea.integ.uddi.RegistryManagerTool - No candidate services were found.*

My XML file is correct, which was fairly simple to setup. I am having problem trying to understand the properties file since so little documentation is provided for it.

Currently, the file looks like this:

+cmee.uddi.default.harvester.description=ORRXU Harvester+ UDDI Node+
+cmee.import.uddi.publish.ifendpointmissing=true+ - Business Entity+
+cmee.import.policy.assettype=Artifact: WSDL+
+cmee.import.uddi.artifactwsdl.assettype=Artifact: WSDL+

Kindly help me out on this one as I've been stuck on this for past two weeks...

Looking forward,

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