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Oracle Policy Modeling Debugger - Is there a place where the logs of the inferencing engine of the Debugger are stored?

IsamuApr 23 2024

Hi all, I have a rulebase with intentional rule loops which I thought were escaped properly.

However, for one scenario, I get the error: 'Rule loop has not stabilised after 3000 iterations'

Because the debugger does not load in this scenario, I cannot find the problem set of rules/rule loop that is causing this error.

Is there a log file attached to the local OPM Debugger that is generated that shows what the inferencing engine is doing? If so, where is it located? I'm hoping from that file, I can identify the problematic attributes in the rulebase.

If one doesn't exist--is there any other way to see what's happening behind the scenes?


This post has been answered by Richard Napier on Apr 23 2024
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Added on Apr 23 2024