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Oracle oci8 problem: OCIEnvNlsCreate() failed

IwawaFeb 10 2013 — edited Feb 12 2013
Hi to all,
I have installed Apache 2.4.3, PHP 5.3.21 and Oracle Database 10gR2 on a Windows 2003 server. Please that is installed the complete Oracle DB* and not the only Oracle Client.
When I run phpinfo This is the result:
OCI8 Support enabled
Version 1.4.9
Revision $Id: 44bfa713983a99b3e59477f6532e5fb51b6dee94 $
Active Persistent Connections 0
Active Connections 0
Oracle Run-time Client Library Version
Oracle Instant Client Version 10.2
Temporary Lob support enabled
Collections support enabled
Directive Local Value Master Value
oci8.connection_class no value no value
oci8.default_prefetch 100 100 Off Off
oci8.max_persistent -1 -1
oci8.old_oci_close_semantics Off Off
oci8.persistent_timeout -1 -1
oci8.ping_interval 60 60
oci8.privileged_connect Off Off
oci8.statement_cache_size 20 20
I have create a file connect.php in order to test my connection:

$dbHost = "win2003vm";
$dbServiceName = "myservice";
$usr = "myuser";
$pswd = "mypwd";

if(!$dbConn = oci_connect($usr,$pswd,$dbConnStr)){
$err = oci_error();
trigger_error('connection failed: ' . $err['message'], E_USER_ERROR);


$stmt = oci_parse($dbConn,$strSQL);
if ( ! oci_execute($stmt) ){
$err = oci_error($stmt);
trigger_error('Query failed: ' . $err['message'], E_USER_ERROR);

    $rslt = oci_result($stmt, 1); print "<h3>Query result: ".$rslt."</h3>";
But when I run the php file, this error is displayed:
Warning: oci_connect(): OCIEnvNlsCreate() failed. There is something wrong with your system - please check that PATH includes the directory with Oracle Instant Client libraries in C:\www\win2003vm\connect.php on line 13 Fatal error
Can someone help me ?
Thank You and best regards
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