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Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud Service - Live on OCI Gen 2

We are excited to announce the release of the Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud Service, a Generation 2 Oracle Cloud Infrastructure native service. This service offers on-demand elastic scalability, extremely predictable single digit millisecond response times, high availability, and flexible data access for developing modern scale-out cloud applications.

As a complement to the Oracle Autonomous Database family, this service expands our database portfolio by addressing new cloud and mobile applications that deal with unstructured & semi-structured data. Examples include online fraud detection, IOT, track and trace, gaming, ecommerce and advertising. This service directly competes with AWS DynamoDB, Azure CosmosDB and MongoDB Atlas.

Service Availability

We are GA in Ashburn, Phoenix, Sydney, Frankfurt, Mumbai and Zurich with more regions to come soon. Check Oracle Cloud Data Regions for complete list of region availability.

Key Customer Benefits

  • No-Lock In: Oracle NoSQL is an open source database and users don’t have to worry about lock-in as they have options to run the same application in any cloud or on-premises.
  • Cloud Migration: Using the same APIs, user can also easily move their on-premise workload to the Oracle cloud.
  • Data Model Flexibility: Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud Service offers different data models like Document, Spatial, Columnar and Key-Value.  This enables you to pick appropriately based upon your data requirements. Unlike other NoSQL offerings, all models are accessible with the same easy to understand SQL interface.
  • Predictable High Performance: The database service delivers data with predictable response time of less than 10 milliseconds, even for high workloads.
  • Broad Developer Tool Support: Access your database using REST APIs and SDKs for various programming languages such as Java, Python, Node.JS, and Go.

Here is what a customer had to say:

“Our clients have unique ways of describing their data. Oracle’s schema-less NoSQL database let us save and retrieve data as an object. And moving each client’s data to the cloud makes deployment fast and easy.” - Jim Geldermann, Director of Technology, BizDoc

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Added on Apr 1 2020