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Oracle MiniCluster S7-2 Platform Security

steph-choyer-OracleOct 28 2016 — edited Nov 2 2016

The Oracle MiniCluster S7-2 platform enjoys a ground-up security synergy, which adheres to the industry’s most stringent security requirements. It delivers compliance readiness at first boot, which is not often found in today’s IT enterprise systems and cloud provider architectures. Oracle MiniCluster S7-2 takes a holistic approach to information security, implementing multilayered defense security controls engineered at every level of the stack including compute, network, storage, database, and related software security components integrated and verified to work together. Stemming from its high degree of engineering innovation and integration, the preintegrated and preverified security posture of this platform is truly greater than the sum of its individual components.

In this paper, the security principles and capabilities of the Oracle MiniCluster S7-2 platform are discussed to highlight the comprehensive set of security controls that can be employed to meet even the most challenging security demands in enterprise and cloud service provider environments. While discussed individually, each capability offers an opportunity to be layered with the others to create reinforced security postures. Additional architectural, deployment, and operational guidance also is offered to help organizations and cloud service providers understand where and how their Oracle MiniCluster S7-2 platform can be integrated into their existing IT security environment for consolidating databases and applications and delivering dedicated compute cloud services.

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Added on Oct 28 2016
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