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oracle linux installation

aboardApr 19 2022

the installation goes well (i've not the intempestive reboot during anaconda from another RHEL derived distribution).
I really would like to ask for some package installation.
I've seen that ZFS Is on the 0.8.5 version. I assume that oracle set this version because it's very stable ? (i would like to use encryption and zraid). Could i ask your experience with this version (i've seen that there were some trouble with very recent version of ZFS). ZFS installation goes pretty well by the way.
i've some trouble to install vmware (sorry oracle :-) compiling vmnet and other module even with the 5.X kernel source properly installed, so i tried to install virtualbox :-) (but i cannot see the package anywhere !)
I'm trying also to install xfce as light X env but i cannt see the package even with EPEL
Many thanks for your help.

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Added on Apr 19 2022
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