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Oracle Linux 7.X to 8.X Upgrade Path

User_W9WBXJun 24 2022

Hi All,

I've inherited some Oracle Linux servers to manage. They are on an offline network so I'm looking at doing updates via offline .iso on a local repo. This works fine and I've tested this without any issues.

My question is in relation to 7.9 -> 8. Specifically I've tried 8.4 and 8.6 and neither upgrade paths seem to work. As this is a major release increment I'm assuming that's the reason why.

Is there an upgrade path that I can use. Or should the servers be patched up to 7.9 and left until decommission?
Also would be interested to see what people have opinions for Kernal updates. Is that best to leave in place and let the incremental security updates come from the patching.


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Added on Jun 24 2022
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