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Oracle JET link target

Scott WesleyJan 8 2018 — edited Jan 8 2018

Hi all,

I found a comment in the 5.1.4 Known Issues regarding the click of a chart data point to (probably) set some hidden value, allowing some other region to be refreshed.


'javascript:$s("P5_ENAME_JET3","'||ename||'");' as my_link

with link to Redirect to URL of



The comment reads:


We have recently upgraded to 5.1.3, and I thought the link wasn't working (hence my visit to the known issues), but based in this information I tried to double click instead, only then did it honour the link.


5.1.3 - you must double click to action the link

5.1.4 - single click will suffice.

I wonder if this is why this question was posed

JET chart series 2 link not working

Though I wonder why this one was marked as solution, because 5.1.3 now seems to tolerate either #COL# or &COL. syntax.

How to use LINK column in JET chart drill-down

Given the fix described with the known issue, would I be able to include some JavaScript code to each chart to allow single click?

Or is there an even better workaround, other than patching to 5.1.4?


This post has been answered by Hilary Farrell-Oracle on Jan 8 2018
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