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Oracle Forms Quarterly Patch Availability News

Michael Ferrante-OracleFeb 9 2022 — edited 3 days ago

The latest Forms Quarterly Patch Release (QPR) contains all known fixes available for Forms and is planned to be updated each quarter on the same schedule as Critical Patch Update. Each new QPR will include the latest Forms fixes when available. Because these patches will be a cumulative set, you only need to install the latest unless documented otherwise.

Details and download links can be found in Note 2834458.2


17-JAN-2023    23-JAN-2023   34907966
OCT-2022                     ***
19-JUL-2022                  34316706
26-APR-2022                  34051375
09-FEB-2022    09-MAR-2022   33909764

*** No patch this quarter

Patches for some platforms may not be available on the day of the release, but will be made available as soon as possible after the release date.

In order for a computer system to be as stable and secure as possible, it must be running the latest software along with any patches/updates that are available. Running outdated and/or un-patched software can be risky to the system, the data, and potentially to the entire organization. This new delivery process (QPR) will help to ensure you can obtain your Forms patches in a predictable and timely manner and keep your system running smoothly. We recommend that you apply the latest patch as it becomes available. As always, testing before moving to production environments is recommended.

This patch is for Oracle Forms only. Patches for other components can be found in MyOracleSupport.

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