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919213Jan 19 2015


I have recently started working on a oracle event processing application.

In our case,we dont have a streaming data coming as input to the application but we maintain a static relational table which we need to hit every 5 seconds and check for a particular rule to be executed. Right now we maually update/insert the data now and then. So the input to our application would be a select statement from a static table. The rules executed successfully and all looks fine.

Being a developer am able to visualize the rules that I have created via the code for manipulation.

Adding to the above functionality we are in need of window/API kind of thing where the end user updates the rule regularly.  Let us assume the  static table contains the withdrawal amount and the end user changes the threshold withdrawal limit on daily basis.

When we open the visuallizer ,we can see our application running on the oep server and in the cql rules tab we can see the rules formed for streaming data for ex: select * from helloworldinputstream.

Is there any way to show the sql queries which we have written for the manipulation in the CQL rule tab?

Could you please help me proceeding further.

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